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Ms Gamma Art Trade by Blueharbinger
Ms Gamma Art Trade
An awesome image of Ms. Gamma from the talented hands of :iconjohnnyharadrim:

I always love to see other artist's interpretations of my characters and this was one was fantastic! Many thanks, man!
Angel Falls Origins: Ms. Gamma. Chapter One. by Blueharbinger
Angel Falls Origins: Ms. Gamma. Chapter One.
Doctor Cecile took a breath of the hot jungle air as he surveyed the artifacts displayed on the table before him. This particular tent his expedition had pitched commanded a breathtaking view of the Mayan Temple towering above the clearing.

The gray pyramid-like structure stood tall and proud despite centuries of erosion. A monument to the brilliance and determination of the long dead empire that had built it with only their hand-held tools and ingenuity.

It was not the first grand structure that Cecile had led an expedition to, but such sights never failed to fill him with wonder. Of course, it didn't hurt that this temple in particular seemed to have more than its fair share of secrets. 

The scientist adjust his glasses and ran a hand through his chestnut hair as he stared intently at the stone carvings that had been removed earlier that day.

The hieroglyphs weren't consistent with any of the artifacts he'd studied before, and while Cecile was not one to toot his own horn, he was hardly a novice in the field. Translating would take time and effort, but surely he could learn something before the next round of artifacts were ready for his inspection.

With paper and pencil in hand and a brow furrowed in concentration, the doctor was ready to begin his work when the sound of heavy, mechanical servos footsteps approaching derailed his train of thought. 

“Hello, Elizabeth,” He was unable to hide his frown as the towering suit of powered armor lumbered under the shade cast by the tent. The metal was pitch black and lined with glowing red runes that, even to someone whose only experience with magic was in a Vegas show, were obviously arcane in nature.

“Doctor,” The steel titan nodded and advanced to one of the other nearby tables that held a variety of electronic devices. The armor opened with a hiss, and the woman inside emerged to inspect the laptop waiting for her.

Her hair was cut tactically short and there were firm muscles in her arms that were visible even as she entered commands into the terminal. Even a casual glance from her possessed a withering quality that so far had been able to cow any man or woman who attempted to protest her actions. 

Even without the armor, it was obvious Elizabeth Blackwell was not a scientist in the same vein as Cecile's band of archeologists.

“How are your scans going today?” The doctor asked tactfully, turning away from his work to face the woman. She shrugged in reply.

“Narrowing it down. Going to have to wait for the new data before I can say for sure.” 

“Oh. Well, I'm glad to hear is progressing well,”

Elizabeth pressed a key on the laptop before finally turning to face the man, an inquisitive eyebrow raised. 

“Still having second thoughts about me being here?”

Cecile took a breath. He didn't want a confrontation, but tip-toeing around each other this entire expedition just wasn't going to work. They were both adults and scientists at that, surely they could have a reasonable conversation despite their disagreements?

“It's not that,” He started cautiously. “I know about your family, and I appreciate everything you've done to defend the planet, but I didn't come here so that someone could find a way to kill people with my research.”

Elizabeth stared at him for a moment, her gaze piercing as she leaned against the table, arms crossed over her chest. 

“Is that what you think this is about?” She said, standing in the shadow of a suit of powered armor that was more than the equal of any heavy weapons platoon on the planet. This time it was his turn to look at her with a hint of a frown tugging at his lips. 

“I don't think you came with us because you wanted to unravel the mysteries of the ancient Mayan Empire.”

“I'll give you that,” Elizabeth replied with a candid shrug. Cecile's expression hardened.

“The advancement of science should be about the pursuit of truth and improving the quality of life for as many people as possible. Defending yourself is one thing, but I don't see how viewing everything you don't understand as a threat or a weapon is going to make the world a better place.”

“You would if you turned around,” Elizabeth's tone was dry yet scathing as she inclined her head towards the ruins of the once-mighty Mayan temple. “And we both know the Conquistadors weren't the only ones to try slavery and genocide for fun and profit. They did it to their fellow man, you don't think there are entire empires lurking between the stares and planes that would leap at the chance to do the same shit all over again to another species?”

“So your solution is to build the biggest gun you can and point it at anything that moves?” The mage's eyes flared, and her body visibly tensed. She spoke tersely, jaw clenched in a concentrated effort to not shout.

“My husband was ripped to pieces trying to stop an army of demons from butchering an entire goddamn city. My son had to watch him die. I think I know just a little bit more about the intentions of our alien neighbors, Doctor.”

Cecile had stood firm under Elizabeth's withering glare, but midway through her rant he was forced to break eye-contact.

“Mrs. Blackwell, I'm sorry for your loss. I really am,” The doctor took a breath and pressed a hand to his forehead before finally looking back up at the woman. As he spoke, he shook his head. “I understand the world can be a very cruel place and sometimes violence really is the only option, but there has to be a better way than going into a cold war with anyone you're not already trying to kill.”

Elizabeth turned back to her laptop. Even to him it was obvious she was pretending to being far more interested in the raw data displayed than she actually was. The breath she took to calm herself before speaking was only slightly more subtle.

“You know what they say, Doctor. 'Knowledge is power'. If we don't figure out how to do it to them, chances are they'll do it us. It's not exactly P.C., but I'd  rather be a wolf than a lamb.”

“I wonder how many of those alien species think the same thing?”

Elizabeth opened her mouth to retort but then paused, frowned, and stood. Cecile turned his head to follow her gaze. The retrieval team sent into the temple earlier in the morning was hurriedly approaching the camp, several of the staff working together to carry some-Oh god!

The doctor immediately stiffened and sprinted towards the group. Elizabeth reached them before he did, her automated armor not far behind. The retrieval team parted to reveal a man on a stretcher, the flesh of his right arm up to his elbow severely burned.

“What happened?!” Cecile turned towards the nearest archeologist while Elizabeth stood next to the stretcher, her hand glowing with a gentle blue light.

“Adrian found some a secret passage in the wall. When he tried to hang up a light inside, some sort of force field nearly took off his arm!”

“I can't do anymore without hurting him. His body's not augmented to take it,” Elizabeth's hand ceased to glow and her armor opened to allow her inside. The burn on Adrian's arm was more pink than red and sickly yellow blisters. The man was no longer struggling not to cry out with every movement of the stretcher, but it would still take weeks for the injury to fully heal.

“Did anything else try to kill you on the way out?” The leader of the team shook his head at Elizabeth while the others carried their comrade away. She nodded and turned towards the temple with heavy, mechanical footsteps.

“I'm coming too,” Cecile had to jog to keep up with the powered armor's rapid pace. Elizabeth only spared him a silent glance in reply, but he could easily imagine the dismayed expression on her face at the thought of having to protect a frail doctor like himself. “I know more about Mayan temples than you do. If there's any chance that my expertise can offer a solution that doesn't level the entire ruin, I'm willing to take the risk.”

“Fine. But stay behind me, and the moment something goes wrong you run back to the camp, understood?”  Cecile nodded swiftly at the armored behemoth.

The temple had been completely evacuated by the time the pair reached its interior. The air was stale despite flourishing with activity before, but the excavation teams before them had dutifully lined the structure with electric lights. The opened gap in the wall and the transparent, yellow-tinted force-field audibly humming with power was plainly visible the instant they crossed the threshold.

“Hm, looks like we found the source of those mana-emanating anomalies I was detecting before,” Elizabeth seemed to be speaking as much to herself as him. She approached the force-field, running a hand along the wall just to the right of it. “Or part of it, anyway...”

“Whatever is generating the field is embedded in the stone?” Cecile approached the woman's side. No doubt there were scanning devices built into her armor. “Smashing through to get to it is going to bring this entire temple down on top of us.”

“I was afraid you'd say that,” Cecile swiftly retreated a step as mace with a head almost as big as his torso materialized out of thin air into the woman's waiting grip. Like her armor, it was black, composed of thick, modern alloys, and glowed ominously with red runes.

“What are you doing?!” He shouted as she she raised the weapon over her helmet with both hands.

“I'm not going to risk anything else powering up while we take the long way around this thing,” 

Cecile opened his mouth to protest, but his words were drowned out as the mighty weapon slammed into the energy field with enough force to send vibrations through the stone floor.

Whump. Whump! WHUMP!

The field faltered and died with a loud crack  under the weight of the third blow. Stone on either side of the wall exploded forth and Cecile's arms flew up around his face to protect himself. Cylindrical metal devices were embedded in the wall, glowing softly for a moment before their power died as well.

Cecile stared for a moment in mixed shock and horror. Elizabeth had just damaged, possibly even destroyed, what was either invaluable alien technology or an artifact that could have changed everything the world knew about the history of the Mayans. Maybe both!

“We can study the pieces,” She said, as if reading his thoughts. “If it has any unique or superior characteristics compared to what we can build already, I can reverse-engineer them. Trust me, I do it all the time,”

“That's not the-!” Cecile caught himself before he could rant. No. They had already had this conversation before, back in the camp. He hadn't changed her mind then, and losing his temper wasn't going to solve anything. “Nevermind. Ready when you are,”

Elizabeth stared for a moment and then nodded slightly. Her mace dissipated, replaced by a hovering orb of light in the palm of her armored hand. Fortunately, the passage was just large enough to accommodate her suit.

Obviously, whoever or whatever had built or modified this temple needed to transport something sizable into its depths. As his anger faded, curiosity took its place.

The blank stone corridor lead them into a large chamber. In the center of it was some sort of crystalline mass.

“Are you detecting anything dangerous?” Cecile glanced up at Elizabeth, forcing any hint of bitterness out of his tone. She silently shook her head and advanced another step into the room, her light fully illuminating the crystal within.

The doctor felt his breath halt within his throat. Inside the crystal coffin was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Her skin was an alluring bronze color; her silver hair long and lustrous. Whoever, whatever, she was, the woman was incredibly powerfully built. Her musculature dwarfed even what he'd seen of Elizabeth's, yet her form was still the apex of feminine beauty and the armor she wore left very little to the ima-


Cecile visibly tensed when the shock of what the woman was wearing finally hit him. Her suit was composed of sleek, almost futuristic, metal. It was bright blue and accentuated with striking gold trimmings and a crimson cape. 

On second thought, armor wasn't quite the right word for what she wore. Her well-muscled midriff and thighs were left completely bare. A ceremonial suit, perhaps? But that was the least of the mysteries the woman's presence created.

“My scans aren't picking up anything useful. Either it's totally inactive despite the force-field, or that crystal is bouncing the signal off. Thoughts, Doctor?”

“Ah...well...” Cecile stammered, looking back and forth between Elizabeth and the mystery woman. His train of thought had been...delayed. “I''ll, -we'll- need an a more in-depth study before I can draw any true conclusions.”

He could feel Elizabeth's gaze boring into him as he straightened his spine and tried to look as focused and dignified as possible. Much to his surprise, she simply chuckled. 

“You remind me of my son when I had to teach him about succubi,” She turned on her heavy metal heel towards the exit. “I trust you can make the necessary arrangements, Doctor?”

The first chapter of the collaboration between :iconferedrone: and myself. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring this narrative to a swift, and satisfying conclusion.

Elizabeth and Emil Blackwell is owned by :iconferedrone: and were used with permission

Ms. Gamma and Dr. Damian Cecile is owned by me, :iconblueharbinger:

These heroes and more can be found 
within the ever destroyed city of :iconangel-fallsda:
My master says hello: Chapter One by Blueharbinger
My master says hello: Chapter One
It was a day like any other within the bustling city of Angel Falls. The citizens went about their daily lives as the sun sat high in the afternoon sky and the minutes ticked slowly away as the cityscape teemed with life. With burning eyes, she watched them, a look of utter disgust plastered to her visage.

"They look like bugs..." the young woman spat, her words laced with the apparent disdain that matched her current facial expression.

"It matters not what they look like." boomed a disembodied voice from seemingly nowhere.

Had anyone else heard such a voice, it would have most likely inspired great fear and panic, but the woman simply tilted her head to one side and smiled.

"What is your bidding, my master?"

"Your task is simply to test them. Should they prove a match for you, we shall move forward with our machinations.

Hearing this made the young woman frown as she felt she would be more than a match for "them".

"Master, couldn't we have sent one of the others for such a boring ass task?" the woman inquired, irritation apparent in her tone.

Silence fell on the girl and the disembodied voice of her "master", which was never a good thing, but the young woman didn't fear the wrath of her master. For one to fear the wrath of another, one would have to fear pain...or death.

" will do as I command, or I will take what little you cherish from you."

Terra's eyes slightly widened as the thought of what she cherished most in this universe being decimated by her masters unearthly power played through her mind. Though she didn't fear death or pain, the thought of this one precious thing being destroyed was enough for her to resign to the task her master had set for her.

"By your wish, master." the young woman resigned.

"Good. I await your report upon your arrival."

Terra of the Godflame smiled, despite being given a task that one of the other, weaker, heralds could perform just as well.

"Perhaps there is a reason the master sent me to this shithole of a planet..." the girl thought to herself while still hovering above the unsuspecting population of Angel Falls.

"Screw it..." the young woman started before raising her right hand, a bright, hot energy beginning to form in her raised hand.

" point in thinking about it now."

And with that, her brunette tresses, which flowed freely behind her, suddenly burst into the same white hot energy that formed in her hand. A malicious smile played across her lips as she dropped the energy in the middle of the citizen filled streets right below her.

A young boy, who had been starring up at the strange young woman since she materialized from out of nowhere, tugged at his mother's dress.

"Mommy, what's that?" the boy asked as the ball of energy grew before hitting the ground and exploding with a loud boom, destroying everything within a 10 mile radius in an instant.

Fire and smoke billowed from the destruction that the great ball of energy had caused as Terra suddenly materialized in the middle of it all.

News crews were already on the scene, which made The Godflame scoff.

"Get a good look, Angel Falls..." Terra said, admiring her handiwork as the news crews focused in on the new threat to their city.

"...Lord Exosin says, Hello."

And with a wave of the woman's hand, a barrage of the white hot energy spread throughout the city, destroying the cityscape as the denizens of the city began to make for shelter of any kind, panicked.


Alrighty then, here is the first chapter in, what I hope, will be an epic story with a legendary conclusion.  Gotta say though, writing is definitely not my thing so don't mind the errors and such too much. Perhaps its time for the brother and sister duo of Ultiman and Ms. Gamma to finally team up? What do you guys think?

Takes place within the doomed city of :iconangel-fallsda:. Doomed, I tells ya! Dooooomed
Ms. Gamma: Manga Style by Blueharbinger
Ms. Gamma: Manga Style
I've been thinking about if Ms. Gamma had a theme song, what would it be? After giving it some thought, I believe the best choice would be Unbreakable by Fireflight. Give it a listen and tell me what you guys think, k? Cheers! :)

Ms Gamma is owned by yours trully and is a member of the Guardians in the great community of :iconangel-fallsda:
Manga Ultiman by Blueharbinger
Manga Ultiman
After seeing NeoNarcissim's journal entry, The Angel Falls Mangaverse Challenge!, I couldn't resist making a Conner Jacobs/Ultiman for the Mangaverse. Gonna do Ms. Gamma next.

Ultiman is a member of the Young Guardians of :iconangel-fallsda:
A small confession and watchful eyes by Blueharbinger
A small confession and watchful eyes
In the dormitory of Angel Falls University all was silent except for the three students raiding the vending machines. It was late. Much later in the evening than the young man was usually awake for, but he felt that should anything happen to him, he should at least provide some kind of explanation as to why...

Inside dorm room 24A, a young man busily moved about. Silently setting up audio/visual equipment while dressed strangely formal. The camera was recording as Conner Jacobs, also called Ultiman, stepped from behind the recording device and planted himself in the chair in front of the lens.

"ahem..." the young hero cleared his throat before looking straight into the camera lens.

"Hey." he started with a small wave and a smile," I'm Conner and there's a few things I need to explain, you know, if I disappear unexpectantly for a while."

Conner loosened his tie as he started to feel kind of silly for wearing it in the first place.

"Well, first and foremost, I know I've seemed kind of distant, especially toward my fellow Young Guardians..."the young man said while rubbing the back of his head before excitedly adding, "...but once they see what I've been working on, they'll understand!" he exclaimed with a smile.

His smile faded as he took a more somber tone," Guys, I'm sorry. Just wanted to get that out of the way."

Conner ran his hands through his dark brown hair before continuing," For the past few months, I've been working on something...big." the young man spoke while gesturing with his hands widely.

"If I can just get the algorithms for the cyber warfare suites corrected during my next set of tests, my project will fundamentally change the way we combat meta-human criminals!"

The young man leaned forward and grabbed the camera, speaking almost in a whisper," It's big, you guys. If I can get this right, we will never lose again." he said, thinking back to the team's first real mission together.

"Oh, and by the time you guys see this, I'll already be gone. Don't worry not tell my sister. She worries too much."

Standing with camera in hand, Conner smiled and said with a wink," See you guys soon."

And with that, the camera screen went black and the hero left in the dead of night, thinking only of the possibilities that his "project" would yield. He was sure that the Young Guardians could handle anything Angel Falls could throw at them and, even if they couldn't, the team of young heroes had some of the best veteran heroes as instructors. What he didn't know was that he was being watched. A shapely figure, masked by shadows, watched him make his way with burning red eyes.

"It's almost time..." the shadowy figure said before looking toward the starry midnight sky and disappearing in a burst of crimson flames, unbeknownst to all the sinister force that was about to invade the now silent city of Angel Falls.
Gaurdians of Angel Falls {WIP} by Blueharbinger
Gaurdians of Angel Falls {WIP}
The progress of the pic. If I missed anyone, I apologize. I ran out of room and/or you never gave me permission to draw your characters.
I'm able to continue making art again, so that's pretty awesome. Gonna finish up the Guardians piece I started (finally) and start on some Young Guardians stuff. Plus, I'm gonna finish that origin story I've been working on now that I've made the switch to full time student. Feels good to finally have time for my daughter and my first love. Which is art. Minds outta the gutter, people. Anyway, thanks for your patience! :highfive: You guys are awesome!
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I'm able to continue making art again, so that's pretty awesome. Gonna finish up the Guardians piece I started (finally) and start on some Young Guardians stuff. Plus, I'm gonna finish that origin story I've been working on now that I've made the switch to full time student. Feels good to finally have time for my daughter and my first love. Which is art. Minds outta the gutter, people. Anyway, thanks for your patience! :highfive: You guys are awesome!
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Digital Sons
  • Reading: Dead Space: The Martyr
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